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Four Elements - Philippines by X-I-L2048 Four Elements - Philippines :iconx-i-l2048:X-I-L2048 120 20 Hetalia : Spain's Kids by spogunasya Hetalia : Spain's Kids :iconspogunasya:spogunasya 518 75
APH: It's More Fun with the Philippines!
Spain smiled, confident that his new colony would learn quickly and make him proud.
"Ok mija, it is time for you to learn Spanish!"
"Opo Papa!" the little girl beamed up to her father-figure, golden brown eyes gleaming with curiosity and eagerness.
"First: 'Como esta?' is 'How are you?' Can you say that?"
The older brunette sweat-dropped as his smile remained steadfast planted on his tanned face. He held up a pencil and tried again with the child.
The ever cheerful Spaniard dragged the lesson on by pointing to a picture of a hastily drawn stereotypical stick family drawn on the chalkboard.
"La familia,"
"Ang pamilya~!"
Spain pointed to his pet bull.
He pointed to England.
He gestured to her.
He pointed to his face.
Spain dropped his head in pitiful, pathetic failure as he ran a hand through his shaggy hair.
"Dios mio, she's even more hopeless than Romano…"
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APH: Story of the Philippines
It all began when Homo erectus set foot on the islands, followed by the Negritos.  Starting in the 900, history was being recorded for the first time.  Islam came to the country in the 12th century.  Finally, in 1521, Spain and a Portuguese explorer named Ferdinand Magellan left to sail the ocean blue.  They sailed to various places in the world, competing against England, France, and Belgium to stake their claim on new lands for resources and spread Christianity, and finding new countries such as Mexico, Cuba, and the Philippines.  
Like her siblings, the Philippines was very defiant in being conquered and having to live in Spain’s house.  Even tough she was physically weak, the Philippines was a strong-willed girl, and the cruel-hearted Spain had set his eyes on her and wanted her as his own.  
When Magellan first set foot on her beloved islands and tried to persuade her to join Spain, she had Lapu-Lapu
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[OPEN] Chibi Adopts SET PRICE by ToasterKiwi [OPEN] Chibi Adopts SET PRICE :icontoasterkiwi:ToasterKiwi 206 16 Light and Shadow by kawacy Light and Shadow :iconkawacy:kawacy 9,347 166 Red by Rosuuri Red :iconrosuuri:Rosuuri 3,131 99 Fleevy by ToasterKiwi Fleevy :icontoasterkiwi:ToasterKiwi 290 30 KizunaAi by jurrig KizunaAi :iconjurrig:jurrig 304 12 Jack's back by Joyfool Jack's back :iconjoyfool:Joyfool 221 16 Falling in A Forest by b0409d Falling in A Forest :iconb0409d:b0409d 73 18 The-revengers-neal-adams-mark-beachum by synthetikxs The-revengers-neal-adams-mark-beachum :iconsynthetikxs:synthetikxs 123 30 Enchantress by kawacy Enchantress :iconkawacy:kawacy 9,454 168 Forever For Always by kawacy Forever For Always :iconkawacy:kawacy 14,269 370 Sex education by kawacy Sex education :iconkawacy:kawacy 10,478 953 DAY 15 Jewel Strawberry and Andean flamingo by Yamio DAY 15 Jewel Strawberry and Andean flamingo :iconyamio:Yamio 2,268 73


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For 5 years I have loved only you and no  one else. My heart has been captured ever since you smile.

Please, love me. It was my only wish for love. You were the one for me and always to be.

My mind is in riot whenever you smiled to me. I thought I was going to die but I wasn't the one you smiling. Looking behind me, I saw my beautiful friend. She glows like a light and pretty as a flower. Every boy in our class fell for her. I can't believe that you also feel the same to her.

I remember she told me once that she fell in love with you. My heart was pierce by an arrow. I can't think anymore. My words, I can't say it.

Help! Tears flow from my eyes. Everybody are looking at me in confusion.

I can't do anything but to run and hide from reality. This must be my punishment, for lying and being greed for you. I hate myself that I love you.

I know that you'll never love me but I have a hope that you'll will. Now, my love for you had vanish. I had found out that my family was always there for me. I stop chasing those that can only give me pain.

I don't know why but I was still hoping that you'll love me.
Cute Boi!!
This is just a sketch when I was still in class. It was fun to draw his hair and his eyes. My classmates thought that he's a woman.

Gyaah! I love him! I'm gonna named him "Taiyou Haru". It means Sun and Summer. I'm gonna make some drawings of him in the future, Lol.
Yuri Plisetsky ((No Colors/Ink))
This is just a doodle of mine, and I know it sucks. But hey, I'm still practicing. Oh! This is Yuri Plisetsky from Yuri!!! On Ice.


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ZraTales's Profile Picture
I am an amateur in sketching and with own myself, I taught myself (Lol). I have been practicing drawing for 2 years already and my art really did change. I'm still not good just like the others but I'm confident with my product. I also copy others work. Don't worry, I don't claim them, I just use it for practicing. I also have some funny drawings that aren't meant to be funny. Oh and I don't know how to use digital art or something. I'm an otaku and lover of music. You'll never know how many song I've listen in ONE day. I'm still young btw, below 18 years old or should I say below 15 so my art is naturally suck but I'm still working in it. I also write fanfics in Wattpad but I'm scared to share it with others so I delete most of them. I'm an amatuer at violin also. So that's it.


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